Hello guys, I know i have not been consistent but please bear with me. I will try my best to do better but I’m here to make it to up to you by sharing with you, my NYSC camp experience! You are sure going to enjoy reading this!

Ok so i just finished serving this country last month!And I must say, it was one hell of a ride. But I’m going to share my NYSC Camp experience i.e “the three weeks” orientation exercise. I got posted to Black gold camp in kaduna state. Yeah, kaduna state! I mean,i think kaduna was God’s chosen state for me. I was posted there for stream one but due to the crisis that happened at kaduna during that period, we were automatically moved to stream 2! At that time, i did all I could so the state could change and I thought it had worked out but guys, i was still posted to kaduna!

My parents were a lot scared for me as i set out to leave for kaduna! It was a road trip and it was somewhere I had never been to. And prior to that, i had never gone anywhere on my own! But i was like you know what ” I got this!”. I really cannot be a baby forever, I needed to make adult moves!

I arrived at kaduna on the 15th of November but i didn’t go to camp until the 16th because my uncle wanted to show me round kaduna so I could decide if I really wanted to stay. It wasn’t a bad sight-seeing at all. On the 16th of November, we left for camp! I was wearing a very big sweater with a blue jean underneath and my fanny pack strapped around my waist. My uncle and I arrived at the gate and my uncle being a soldier felt it was okay to drive inside the premises but the soldiers at the gate a.k.a quarter guards respectfully told him he could not as it was not permissible. He parked at the gateside and helped me offload my luggages, it was a medium sized traveling bag and another small-sized bag! I was really struggling with carrying the two bags and one the soldiers asked me open the bigger bag so they could check if I didn’t come along with contraband! It was really hard for me to close my bag after they slightly scattered my well- arranged bag by my mummy. The soldiers made slight jest of me “Na butter child this one be o”, “your uncle still dey follow you go camp”, ” nawa o, i sure say them dey baff you” , those were the words coming out from them and it got me annoyed a bit!

I cannot tell this story without mentioning a God-sent from camp. As soon as I entered the camp , a lot of people rushed out to me. Yeah incase you don’t know , when you arrive at the NYSC camp, you will find many people trying to assist you with your luggage and then you tip them after! A lot of people came towards me but i just chose her, just like that! And she really made my stay at the NYSC camp bearable! I could call her at anytime and she would show up almost immediately, she would go to mammy market to get me everything I needed. I pray she also finds God’s favour and grace anytime she needs it!

Now I think if I continue with this story, it’s going to be a bit long so I’m going to highlight the spectacular things that you need to know!


I cannot stress this enough, the NYSC camp will drain you, you need friends you can go through all the stress together. The friends i made in Nysc camp made my stay really worthwhile. Despite all the stress, we still had a lot of fun. Friends that would keep seats for you, friends that would give you their laps to sleep on during SAED classes, friends that would buy you food, friends that would get you things at mammy market when you are too tired! Odun, Queen, Chinemerem , i surely will never forget you guys!


Guys you need money! Especially if you won’t eat the food provided at camp! I don’t think i fully ate the food at all as it was tasteless for me. Maybe it was tasteful sometimes, I didn’t know but I just stopped eating after the first trial. I bought food all throughout my stay and it was a lot of money guys. But if you will be comfortable with the food, you might not need a lot of money. Also they sell a lot nice things at affordable prices and you might want to get them.


Hey God!!! Please don’t tell anybody but I didn’t really do anything at camp yet i was always tired. Even when i tried to be useful and march for my platoon, the platoon officer told me I could not march and I should not bother. Imagine o, i really wanted to serve my nation but who was i to refuse?? So I joined the Red cross group ! Lol the red cross group usually consists of the lazy bones among the corp members. It was a hideout for most of us, i mean we cannot all be unserious, some people were really passionate. So it’s not like I’m a bad child o but if you want to avoid camp activities, join the Red Cross group immediately!


Lol if you know you know! Horrible! Well they tried their best in cleaning them but some people still mess it up! Imagine waking up all cranky and then still having to make contact with someone else’s ๐Ÿ’ฉ poo. Disgusting right? It was one of the things that frustrated me the most! I tried my best not to poo for like a week but my stomach was like “NO FAM!” I don’t mean to disgust you but it was a lot of poo๐Ÿ˜‚ ! And i did not use the toilet so i will leave you to find out what i used. Don’t ask me please .

One other thing I struggled with was bathing alongside other people. Mind you, i was not used to bathing with people so it was really hard. Lol, I would wait patiently for people to leave the bathroom so I could have my bath but it wasn’t to my advantage as I would have to rush to get dressed. No one told me before I started joining other girls to bath outside the bathroom. Camp would humble you!


Oh my God! This was what i hated the most! It was really annoying and you have no choice but to get up. I remember one day, i stood up and started crying. I was like ” why am I going through all these?” But of course it didn’t stop them from ringing it every other morning. I’m sure I would still hate if i was to go again.


Hello ma, Hello sir, please if you are the arrogant type and like to form, please just leave your pride in your house. You are going to regret it. Lol camp life will even humble you. When the soldiers ask everyone to sit on a dirty floor and you have no choice than to obey them, or when the sun turn you into charcoal. Lol . Also soldiers are very nice until you are rude to them. I made so many soldier friends .


LOl! Well it’s possible, but not advisable. I suggest you wait until after camp before you start falling in love. If they still contact you after camp, then i say congratulations ! NYSC camp is an enclosed space that might make you think you are in- love๐Ÿ˜‰.

8. SAED LECTURES : Never ever have i heard of someone enjoying SAED lectures. 5 hours of boredom and it’s compulsory! And some people would still fight for space in the front when people like me are still looking for a perfect space at the back so I could sleep. This is me reaching out to NYSC officials, 5 hours lecture is too long abeg, anything after an hour can never enter my head . Even if someone would pay me a million dollars to go back to camp, I would not consider because of these SAED lectures. Well maybe I might consider ๐Ÿ˜‚


Okay so these are events you would most likely enjoy at camp. It is during event you would see people smile and laugh till their cheek hurts. My platoon won the MR AND MISS NYSC. The MISS NYSC is my friend and i was her chaperone so kudos to meโ˜บ๏ธ! I can say that i really enjoyed all three mentioned above.

So that was how my NYSC camp life went. I would give it a 50 out of 100. I mean if not anything, i can now adapt to any situation i find myself in. So let me know what your camp experience was like in the comment section.

Also let me know if you enjoyed reading and please share with your friends and prospective corp members as it might help. God bless you!


Hello guys!!!! I know it’s been a minute and I’m sorry about that. Hope you guys are good? I know you must be guessing from this title if the club experience is mine or someone else’s…..well it’s mine๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. So read on to find out what went down!!!

So it was my friend’s 21st birthday party and she wanted to celebrate it really well. So basically the birthday celebration went on for four days, it was supposed to be five days but we were all knackered by the fifth day after all our mouth๐Ÿ˜‚ . So the “club day” was a day to her birthday and she wanted us to have like a little pre-birthday. I was reluctant o because i live in ilorin and I wouldn’t want any of my brothers to find me in a club. I told my friends I wouldn’t be able to make it to the club but they weren’t happy with my decision. So because of me, they had to look for another club where I most probably wouldn’t see anyone i know.

There was no way I could refuse anymore because they had to change club because of me. Mind you, i had never been to a club prior to that and i was really nervous. Lots of thoughts were running through my head . I called one of my friends that had been to club many times to enlighten me (as if say na war๐Ÿ˜‚) . She told me I didn’t have to go if I didn’t want to and that if I eventually want to go, I should just have fun. So I wasn’t the only one that was nervous . I realized I wasn’t the only that was nervous when i confided in one of my besties (OBB is her name) and she was like “babe i am scared too o, I have been thinking a lot about it”. We laughed so much about it and then we braced ourselves that we were gonna kill it at the club. But did will kill it “eventuarry???”

So we left school that night and i was still very nervous but also looking forward to my first time in a club. while we were leaving the hostel, I remembered how i used to gossip about people that used to leave the hostel at night when i was in the 100 level. I used to think they were “runs girl”. See life oh๐Ÿ˜‚!As we walked past the common room, i was wondering what must be going through people’s mind. Maybe they thought i was a runs girl too. Ah ayemi o๐Ÿ˜‚ !!!! Until we left the school gate, i was still scared o. I was scared that the security men were going to tell us to come down and then embarrass us. I went as far as thinking they were going to take our pictures and paste it all over the school. Ahh owo ti jona( money aff waste)!

So we “eventuarry” got to the club and i was still looking left, right and center before I would go and see any of my siblings or people that know me . We stayed by the pool side before we finally entered the party room๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ. Yeah they checked our bags before we entered. I won’t lie, a part of me was feeling like a prostitute even though I didn’t wear anything to portray that. But I guess it was because it was my first time and i wasn’t used to such environment . What put me off first was the smell of cigarettes and alcohol. Well they played lit songs but i wasn’t really interested in dancing because of how the guys there were doing with the ladies. I saw things o my people, i was dumbfounded. One funny moment was when one guy wanted to take our pictures, if you guys see the way I angrily told him off ehn. Like guy “take that “fockin” camera off my face, makobami”๐Ÿ˜‚ .

So i finally stood up to dance oh with my dear OBB and so these guys were coming towards us. I was like “no wahala” as long as there is no body touching because that’s where gbas gbos will enter๐Ÿ˜‚. But these guys were trying to touch waist, i told one “uncle let’s dance face-to-face abi which one is holding waist from behind. Lol those guys were angry, I could see from their expressions . I could hear them telling each other ” these girls no make sense” but who cares? I sha danced a little bit before I resumed to sitting because cold wanted to kill somebody’s child. That was where i saw boys and girls smoking their lungs out, girls twerking for guys and some guys spraying money anyhow. I was sha observing until one of her friends had her moment and we had to leave the club around 3 in the midnight. We went to a friend’s place because we couldn’t leave for school in the midnight. They were really nice to us but we didn’t sleep because it wasn’t an environment we were used to. We took off our makeup too.

As early as 6:30 am, we set out to leave for school but it was funny because I didn’t even pack any slippers so i had to walk in my heels. It was such a frustrating moment. We got to school and i was really shy because it felt like a walk of shame because i was walking in heels and the day was already bright and people could obviously see us . But then i no kill person now. We got to our hostel and i slept off and woke up in the afternoon because it was her Birthday!!!! So we continued our celebrations ๐ŸŽ‰. It was a fun-filled week though!

But did I enjoy the club party? Well, it wasn’t bad but I doubt I would ever visit again. I realized it wasn’t my thing and I would rather go to where i will have a rest of mind rather than panicking. I also realized how much i love my night sleep. I can’t trade my sleep for anything. So guys that was my club experience!!!!

Please don’t forget to like, comment and share with your friends. Also share with me your first club experience. Thank you!


Hello guys, how have you been? I hope you guys are good? Thanks for all the love and support. These past weeks have been underwhelming for me especially on social media. A day won’t go by without at least a sad story and it’s even more sad that there are lots of insensitive people out there. Please let’s endeavor to be kind and sensitive to people’s feelings!

Today I want to discuss “Rape”. I feel like a lot of people do not know how big of a deal it is. Rape is one thing I don’t pray for even my enemy. It can leave you shattered for life! I feel like you actually do not know about rape until it has happened to you, more reason why you have to be very sensitive when making comments on “Rape” . Most people do not actually know the gravity of “Rape”. I have seen a lot of comments like ” is it not just rape”, “what was she wearing”, “why did she do this and that”, “why would she go out Alone in the night”, “why didn’t she struggle”. All of these questions are baseless as it doesn’t justify why you should rape a person. What happened to self-control? What happened to having the fear of God? Imagine shaming the victim instead of the rapist? Really sad! And this is why there’s increase in the rate of “Rape” nowadays.

Talking of dressing, are you seriously telling me babies Pampers are also seductive? Imagine raping an innocent baby? This is just pure evil and I pray every rapist get what they deserve. A lot of women who cover up head to toe are also getting raped! More reason to show you it’s not about how you dress, rapists are just evil people and they deserve to be castrated! There are sex workers who takes cash in return for Sex. Why can’t these people just go to them? Why do they have to violate innocent children and adults? It’s unfair and disgusting!

I have blocked a lot of people on social media these past few weeks and I’m not even sorry about it. I don’t need such insensitive people on my timeline. Why would anyone be a rape apologists? Comments like “I pray it doesn’t happen to my sisters and people around me” is pretty fair but also kind of insensitive. It doesn’t have to happen to your sisters before you actually realize the gravity. Let’s all fight against rape be it someone you know or don’t know! Let’s teach our sons and daughters early that “rape is bad”.

Also, you all that lie about being raped are making it hard for people that are actually raped. Oh you think rape is a joke. A person that lies about being raped should also get the same punishment as a rapist. Please just stop it. This is why most people are always laid back when they hear about rape because they don’t know what to believe. Please don’t lie about being raped. Do you know the effect of being lied against, more worse when it’s about rape? It can leave the person traumatized for life.

So what is the way forward? First of all, Rape is a serious crime and every rapist should be charged with a grievous punishment to start with. No rapist should ever go unpunished. 2. Parents have a long way to go in actually educating their children. Not to be gender-biased, I know boys get raped too but we all know ladies getting raped is more rampant. And I have realized most parents focus more on training their Girl-child and just leave their boy-child for God knows why! Both genders needs to be taught morals. It’s not just for a girl. We need both genders to be responsible citizens of the society. Parents should please take note!!!!!!!!! 3. I feel like Government are not taking the case of Rape very serious. I have seen cases where rape cases have been abandoned due to affluence of the rapist. Like who does that? Why would you even collect a bribe from a rapist. Government that is supposed to be in charge of safety of citizens are actually endangering their lives. After collecting the bribe, you actually give room for more people to raped as you have let go of a rapist. I feel like when a rapist is given a deserved punishment, it would decrease the number of rapist because they wouldn’t want to go through such a grievous punishment. Please our Government need to do better. Imagine a police officer asking the victim what he/she was wearing , it is really sad. Government should take rape cases seriously! 4. Lastly, we all also need to do better. Do not be a rape apologists. You are just as terrible as the rapist. Do not make jokes out of rape, rape is not supposed to make people laugh. Don’t be an insensitive person, show love and empathy to a raped person. Do not question them! Also, never lie about being raped, you are making it really hard for people that actually get raped, you should also get the same punishment as a rapist!

I can go on and on but I feel like I have touched the important aspects. Please read carefully and digest. You can also share your thoughts about rape in the comment section. Don’t forget to like, comments and share with everyone you know. God bless you immensely as you do so. I love you!!!


My people!!! Thanks for the love and support. Thanks for always reading my posts. The only thing that remains is for you guys to be commenting๐Ÿ™„. And it’s not like you guys will pay for it oh๐Ÿ˜‚. So let’s go straight into today’s business!!!

Let’s find out!

Drink water and mind your business”. Hmm ok, in Nigeria we can actually drink our water o, but to mind our business is the problem. I’m sure 80 percent of us actually find it hard to mind our business especially when the business is all up in our faces. We all have that real life bestie or online bestie we always hit up when a gist comes up. But to be fair yeah, you can actually mind your business. Let me give you tips ๐Ÿ’ƒ

1. Don’t own a cellphone: I’m sure you guys are like “is this girl okay?”. But to be serious, when you don’t own a cellphone, you are miles away from gossiping. No Instagram, no Twitter, no social media basically. Also no friend to call you “babes come online o, so so person don dey display madness o”. When you don’t own a phone, you probably will learn to mind your business ๐Ÿ˜Š.

2.Cut off friends that tag you under People’s post : lol! I’m very guilty of this, I’m not even gonna lie. And I’m sure a lot of you are too. If you find it hard to mind your business o, maybe you need to tell your friends to stop tagging you or cut them off. I’m not cutting my friends off though and I’m sure they won’t do the same too. We actually try to mind our business ๐Ÿ˜‚. You won’t see me commenting on posts that doesn’t add to my life. I’m basically a reader. I just see the post and I’m like”interesting, ok next” ๐Ÿ˜‚

3. Don’t follow instablog9ja : lol, this blog has definitely made a lot of people not to mind their business. They carry all the trendy gists most especially about celebrities in Nigeria. So if you know you can’t mind your business, maybe you shouldn’t even follow their page. The comment section of this blog is worse. Different opinions that might want to force you into actually not minding your business. Basically yeah, instablog9ja is just like the boss, but there are other blogs you need to avoid too if you find it hard to mind your business.

4. THINK BEFORE YOU JUMP INTO OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESS: For real, you don’t just jump into People’s business. Ask yourself the following questions when next you want to jump into People’s business…. Does it add value to my life ? Does it affect my life? Would I be able to take it if others jump into my own business? Will it better my life?. If all answers says No, maybe you need to take a reverse and mind your damn business.

5. Get Busy : Mostly, people that are always in other people’s business are jobless. They just wake up in the morning, Take their phone and begin their day on social media. You see them in every comment section. You hardly see busy People going on and on about other people’s lives. They even Hardly have time for themselves. But you see this jobless people, you will notice that their comments are usually very lengthy i.e They have a lot of time, because I don’t understand why you would type such lengthy notes over something that’s not your business.

Yeah ,we know in this social media age, people are fond of putting their shits out there. Yes you are gonna see it but I would advise you choose to mind your business. It’s not even only on social media, even with people around you, learn to mind only the business that pays you. If you still find it hard, Simi sang a song about minding your business , you may want to listen to it. Simi ft Falz -Mind your business. And the most important thing is you won’t actually die if you mind your business!

I know it’s hard especially in Nigeria. We all sometimes don’t mind our business but we really need to…well unless it’s paying me and adding value to me. Thank you guys for reading. You may want to add your own tips on how to MIND YOUR BUSINESS IN NIGERIA! Don’t forget to share with your friends ๐Ÿ˜Š

Biko share with your friends. Bye!!!

Tips for clear skin ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hello guys, it’s been a minute. Hope you guys are good? Today I’m going to be Sharing tips that might help you in your clear skin journey ๐Ÿ˜Š. Okay, read on………

If you are really Keen on having a clear skin, you need to focus more on what to avoid rather than what to do to cure it when your skin goes bad. You all know “prevention is better than cure”. So I’m going to be speaking for myself and what works for me. Also, what I have heard people say but doesn’t do any harm to me. But you know, what is good for you might be bad for me and vice-versa.

1. Avoiding junks : I have noticed that when I consume junks e.g, chocolates, cakes, ice cream, sweets and similar things, I tend to break out. Not always bad because my skin is not that sensitive but maybe like 3- 4 pimples. But I know when I eat junks, pimples are already smiling at me like “๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š we are coming for you”. But man cannot die, I still eat it regardless but you won’t see me blaming anyone when I break out because I obviously caused my own downfall๐Ÿ™„.

Don’t say i didn’t tell you. Don’t be like me! Don’t be the cause of your downfall๐Ÿ˜‚

2. Drink more water, cut off soda drinks! : I know a lot of people have the notion that water doesn’t help with a clear skin but it actually does only…… when you cut off all soda drinks. You can’t be taking water alongside all these soda drinks and expect a clear skin, it doesn’t work like that. I have actually experimented it and I saw the huge difference on my skin. I actually haven’t taken any soda drink this Ramadan and I have been admiring my skin. A lot of people have been asking if I’m actually fasting because of how my skin is glowing ๐Ÿคท. ( Eez not like I’m priding o๐Ÿ˜‚) . Water actually works, but water doesn’t want you to have other concubines( soda drinks). Water is a jealous being but at least it is beneficial to you. Choose wisely!

Cut these bastards off if you want a clear skin. Don’t be like me!

3. Milk : so I actually have been hearing a lot of people say , consuming milk makes them break out. Well, I don’t break out when I take milk. So uncle, aunty if you notice you break out when you take milk, you probably need to say goodbye to it๐Ÿ˜Š. That’s if you want a clear skin. I’m sure some of you don’t even know the reason why you break out, just study yourself and if Milk is the cause, break up with the bastard๐Ÿ˜‚.

4. Be clean! : Sometimes that clear skin you really want is not even that far from you! you just don’t wash your body towels, face towels, bedsheets and pillowcase. Wash all these regularly , your face doesn’t want dirts at all. Some of you dip your hands in a dirty place and put it on your face. Like your face doesn’t want that. If you want a clear skin, you treat your skin nicely. Your skin is your baby, pamper it! Also limit how you touch your face especially when your hands are not clean.

Don’t be touching your face anyhow!

5. Wash your face regularly, at most twice a day! : This has helped me a lot. No matter how tired I am, I always ensure I wash my face morning and night. Don’t just sleep without washing your face even if you are tired. Some of you even sleep with make up on. These are really big issues because you are causing yourself more harm. Don’t be too tired, even if you are gonna use face wipes! Also be careful of soaps you apply to your face, most of them are chemicals-filled. I would suggest natural soap and natural body cream.

So that’s the end! I hope we learn a thing or two from it. Like I said, some of what I put up there have really worked for me, it might not work for you. But you can try them out. I think preventing your skin from breaking out is better! Also comment below what has worked for you so other can learn from it. Share with your friends too๐Ÿ˜Š.

Disclaimer : All these pictures I put up there are not mine. I picked everything from Google. Before they will tell me they want to sue me now๐Ÿ˜‚. ( Mio lowo lowo o). Tell your yoruba friend to translate for you. Edaaakun I’m still picking my stones, Don’t sue me. Thanks for reading guys


Hello guys! Welcome back again. Today I’m going to be writing about depression and how you should choose your words carefully when interacting with a depressed person. I’m going to be as careful as I can because this is a very sensitive topic.

What is DEPRESSION? According to American psychiatric Association, Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a personโ€™s ability to function at work and at home.

Wow, with the above definition, we can see how deep DEPRESSION really is. However, issues that you think are so little and mean nothing to you might make leave other people in pain and depressed. This is where your sensitivity should come in. Do not ever utter to a depressed person ” oh is it because of this small issue you want to take your life, worse has happened to me!”. That’s very insensitive! Just like we all have different threshold for pain, we also have different ways on how we deal with issues. Even twins born on the same day have their own differences. So please be considerate in your approach. Instead of telling them “is it because of this small issue you are depressed, say instead “everything is going to be fine, I understand you and pray for them”. They need empathy! There are better approaches to Make them slowly drift from depression.

Please never say to a depressed person at the verge of committing suicide that “Don’t you pray?”. Now what I’m about to say, I have said it before and I was greatly misunderstood. But I’m going to say it again. A depressed person at that point in their life thinks everyone is against them, sometimes even God! Yes we all know God can’t be against us but a depressed person doesn’t know. Such a person might have prayed to God and thought “oh God never answers my prayers, so what am I still doing on this Earth?” Which in reality you and I know sometimes God doesn’t answer us if what we prayed for isn’t meant for us and sometimes we need to exercise patience. But a depressed person might not understand this! So asking such a person whether they pray or not might not be the best solution. Instead ” you can refer them to a professional who would carefully explain to them without judging them that God can never be against them and all they need is patience. Let them see it from different points of view that the Almighty does good only but still be careful not to judge them. Please don’t treat them like devil descendants just BECAUSE they think God doesn’t answer their prayers.

Lastly, don’t ever tell a depressed person they do not look depressed. That is very insensitive. Who are you conclude a person is not depressed. Not everyone would be sobbing and staying indoors. As a matter of fact, most depressed persons spend a lot of time trying not to look depressed. So when your friend who always look the happiest confides in you that they are depressed. Please don’t tell them they don’t look depressed. It would kill them more. Depression isn’t written on anyone’s forehead. Instead tell them to tell you more about what is going on , that you understand, believe them and you will help them go through the process ! Let’s learn to be compassionate.

I think I’m going to just stop there๐Ÿ‘†. Depression is a sensitive topic and one needs to be careful when discussing it. I hope I wasn’t insensitive! Thanks for reading. Please share with your friends and don’t forget to like and comment. let me know what you think about my write-up. Thanks!

PS. You should not also have to tell a person the way and manner they should mourn. Don’t tell them how much time they should spend in their depressed state. You are not in their shoes, but always remember to assure that you are always with them, you are not pressuring them , and that they are going to be fine.

Thanks for reading!


Hi guys , I’m here again to Share with you thoughts that comes to my head. I hope you guys learn one or two things from what I’m about to share. And I hope you guys would be nice enough to share your thoughts too( in the comment section).

The Act of kindness can be referred to as state of being “kind”, being charitable. But also, I believe the act of kindness should be done without expectations. When you want to do things for people, do it without expectations. Do it because you know people you are doing it for are human beings and they are not perfect and it’s possible that they may not pay you back with kindness. But they first rule is ” help people without expectations”.

Act of kindness could be in cash or kind. Yes, if you are in the position to help people, please do. Some people will say they can’t help people until they have certain amount of money. I will like to tell you, you should not wait until you reach that stage until you help people. I’m pretty sure if you get to that stage, you will still want more and greediness will come in. So why not start now? No amount is too small. And also it should start from people around you.

Also, being kind goes beyond giving money. Don’t be insensitive to people all in the name of being Savage. Be kind with your words. I have heard of cases where job employers offer ladies job in return for Sex. Why? Why can’t you just do a good deed without any disgusting expectation? Let’s learn to be good because we want to be not because we want something in return. Some lecturers in Universities are also guilty of this. Failing students unnecessarily won’t do you any good. Imagine someone doing that to your children too, you definitely would not like that.

The beautiful thing about being kind genuinely is that your reward is with God. Now tell me, which reward is greater than that? You will surely reap the reward of your good deeds. It might not necessarily be for you but you are paving way for your kids in the future. I have been to places I know no one , where I’m scared that I may not be accepted. But my parent good deeds always come in handy. Now I want to follow their footpath and do same for my kids. Teach your children kindness.

Whatever you give back to people will surely come back in multiple folds. Do not wait until you attain a certain position or have certain money. Start now! Also, never pay back evil with evil. Always be the bigger person.

So the end. I feel like it’s a good thing if we constantly remind ourselves about stuff like this. Because we are not perfect and we may deviate sometimes ,But constant reminder and and practicing it definitely would go a long way. I hope we learn a thing from this. Also share with me what you feel about this write-up, Add yours to it and let us all learn.

It’s not good bye but “see you again” ๐Ÿ˜‚